Should You Use XHTML for Email Newsletters?

The standard markup language for web documents- HTML was replaced by XHTML around four years ago as per reports from W3C, but most of the web developers have not yet changed over to XHTML. This is quite puzzling as XHTML has many advantages when compared to HTML.

Let us discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of XHTML in this post. Based on that, you can decide if you should use XHTML for Email newsletters.


XHTML is the acronym for eXtensible HyperText Markup Language and it is almost similar to HTML 4.01, but a cleaner and stricter edition belonging to the XML markup languages family. XHTML is supported by all browsers. This new standard can be implemented with just a few changes to the HTML code.

Why Should You Use XHTML?

Most of the pages on the web consist of bad HTML. Such a bad code will work properly even if the HTML rules are not followed. XML is a language that ensures all the things are marked correctly to produce well-organized docs. So, HTML is for displaying data, while XML is for describing data.

There are several kinds of browser technologies available today- few of them work on computer, while the others run on smaller devices like cell phones. These smaller devices do not have power or resources to interpret a bad language. So, XHTML is recommended by W3C as it combines the strength of XML and HTML.

Advantages of Using XHTML for Email Newsletters and Web Development

The main advantages of using XHTML are mentioned below:

  • Portability: You can reformat a well-organized XHTML document for using them on other devices like PDAs, cell phones, etc.
  • Interoperability: A XHTML doc can be inter-operated with additional XML applications and tools.
  • Extensibility: The abbreviation of XHTML itself suggests that it is extensible, thus making future modifications to the markup language simpler when compared to HTML.
  • Enhances Standardization: Stricter rules are imposed on the usage of markup tags. The inconsistency and vagueness of HTML is removed in XHTML, thus making it simpler for search engines, users, and browsers to correctly understand the page markup.
  • Enhances Accessibility: Accessibility is enhanced with XHTML implying they work much better with adaptive technologies and screen readers.
  • Availability of More Tools: Since the combination of XHTML also includes XML, all the tools of XML can also be used to develop web documents or email news letters.

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Disadvantages of XHTML

XHTML does not have any disadvantage as such, but rewriting the already existing web pages in XHTML is very much time consuming, but however, new pages can be coded using XHTML. Learning how to code using XHTML is not a major issue because the difference between HTML and XHTML is very little and can be easily learnt.

So, after knowing all the benefits of using XHTML, what are you waiting for? By now, you must have decided if you should use XHTML for Email newsletters. Go ahead to learn the syntax and start implementing XHTML.


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