Has Technology Crippled Our New Generation???

Just stop for a while and look around yourself and try to imagine your life without technology just for a single day. Is it possible? The answer would be “NO”. Nowadays our lives are so well equipped with technology developed products that we can’t even think to live a single day without them. Best known examples are television, cell phones, microwaves etc… The list is so on. Day by day technology is upgrading so fast that in every day’s newspaper one can easily find 2-3 new products inventing on a high pace. Technology has become a very vital part of their lives now.

New generation is coming with new tech ideas and they involve themselves in finding out the new concept for everything they use in day to day life. They are not limited to what they have. They are in search of something latest and ground-breaking. Every day they used to come up with new concepts and ideas which are going to revolutionize their lives.

New generation is now interested in getting more practical knowledge instead of just understanding the theoretical concepts. They want to get that what nobody else possesses. They want to differentiate themselves on the ground of the “how much technology savvy” they are. But at the same time technology is also a big daunting challenge in front of them as well.

Technology has made world too small. Things have become very quick and managing things has become very easy task. But at the same time questions arises that “ I f technology has made the things easier than why our new generation is not getting time for building relationships as well as time for the love beings in the life??”

Why life has become so called common word “HECTIC”.

Couple sitting on sofa using digital tablet and smartphone

How technology development is a challenge in front of new generation:

  • Technological developments are one of the main sources of change in our modern-day lives.
  • The new generation is growing up with technologies like the internet, which makes it an obvious starting point for manifestation
  • Things have become so easy for them as they know how to simple buy or sell a thing online.
  • Despite of many developments in technology, time for the things is still getting limited or decreasing day by day.
  • More developments seems to have more control on our lives as this is just like getting more slaves to the technology every day.
  • Life has become more materialistic instead of the zeal of enjoying with others and getting satisfaction in other’s happiness.
  • Nearly everything has been assimilated into technology which has made our lives so competitive.
  • People are relying more on the data instead of their interests which has radically changed our lives.
  • Technology gives when we use in a positive manner but at the same time if we use the same with a negative purpose it can take a lot from us.\
  • New generations knows very well how to search solution to a problem but they actually still not aware of real life skills to tackle various challenges of life.
  • New generation is relying more over the technological medium to find out the best possible means to get the outcome instead of taking care of things by themselves.
  • Physical activities have been decreased as well a safety concerns are major as through technology development anyone can get connected with others in just few seconds.

Young generation adaptability with latest technology

Young generation has become very adaptable towards the acceptance of new technology as this has been a part of their lives by birth. They get much essential information as well as important tools to get the logical answers to their questions. They used to try to find out the easiest ways for their problems. They have the eagerness to know more about the upgraded technology as this makes them more stylish in front of their friends and peer groups. They are growing up with technology. So every coin has two sides, it all depends what weight age we want to give among both the sides. Life is full of challenges and we must be ready to face them as well as upgraded enough to have a special place in the society.


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