Google Pixel vs. iPhone 7 Plus

Smartphones are increasing their penetration day by day and more and more people are buying them. When one invests in a high-end phone, he or she is very cautious and compares a lot of features before zeroing in on anything. Till now, Apple was the undisputed leader of high-end mobiles, but with Google coming with Pixel a fierce battle is expected for the number one slot. Who will emerge as winner? Only time will tell, but both the operating systems have their advantages and disadvantages!


Let us compare Google Pixel with iPhone 7 and see which is better technically.

• Both the phones, Pixel and iPhone7 have a screen size of 5.5 inches, but while the resolution of Pixel is 1440p, Apple’s iPhone7 lags behind at 1080p.
• Pixel has also scored on the RAM. It has a random access memory of 4GB as against 3GB for i7. With people multitasking on their device, more RAM is always an added benefit.
• Fingerprint scanners are there on both, the only difference being that for Pixel it is at back while for i7 it is in front.
• When it comes to the camera, Pixel takes a back seat. Apple has advertised a lot about the high-intensity dual camera having optical zoom and high range. Pixel’s camera is still to be seen.
• Few features like voice assistant, fingerprint scanners and built-in apps are similar in both though with different names. For example, voice assistant is Siri in Apple and Google Now in Pixel. Similarly, Google Duo is the competitor for Facetime.
• While Apple’s iPhone7 took a lead in the camera feature, Pixel is trumpeting its advancement in the field of artificial intelligence and boasting of Google Allo messaging app as its big feature.
• The battery of Pixel is 3,450mAh, which is expected to run longer than iPhone 7 Plus’ 2,900mAh.

Apple has already launched iPhone7, while Google just launched Pixel on 20th October. Google has played a major role in designing Pixel in partnership with HTC. The importance of the role played by Google is evident from the fact that Pixel is seen only with Google branding today. But, is iPhone 7 worth it – you can read the detailed analysis in this article.

Which of the two will be successful in luring the customers and becoming a favourite is still to be seen, but with Google in the playing arena Apple sure has to watch out.

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